RoHS Compliance

RoHS is the acronym for Restriction of Hazardous Substances as defined by European Union Directive 2002/95/EC. Effective July 1, 2006, this directive restricts the use of lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (CrVI), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) in new electrical and electronic equipment. Substances are restricted to 0.1% or 1000ppm by weight of homogeneous material (except for cadmium, which is limited to 0.01% or 100ppm). The restricted materials are found to be hazardous to the environment, pollute landfills, and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling.

The RoHS Directive compliments the WEEE Directive 2002/96/EA (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) which mandates the treatment, recovery and recycling of electric and electronic equipment. By definition, RoHS regulates the use of hazardous substances in electric and electronic components while WEEE regulates their disposal.

In response to the RoHS compliance directive, we are pleased to inform you that all Gaynor Industries standard fasteners are in compliance to this criterion.